About the Founder

True Translate, Inc. was founded by Lori Gentry. A former school teacher, Lori studied Spanish in high school, college and finally at Solexico Language and Cultural center in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. She holds an undergraduate degree from the U of I in Advertising and a graduate degree from NLU in Teaching.

Lori is passionate about business & communications. Her sister, Valerie, an insurance adjuster, was on the job site helping a Spanish speaking family who had experienced severe storm damage to their home. She couldn’t easily locate a translator on site, and securing one remotely required scheduling into the following day. This resulted in frustration and lost time. Hence the idea for True Translate was born. When translators are available immediately or can be scheduled in advance for important meetings, clients and the company have peace of mind. True translate offers accurate and easy to schedule translations - a win win solution for all.

Lori lives in Chicago with her husband Matt and their son.

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